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55129 Mainz

Telefon: 0172/ 6122582
Email: info@crossfit50grad.com

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50 ° Nord offers CrossFit in small groups under the supervision of trained coaches. Our box has a generous 700m² area. Changing rooms, sanitary areas, showers, an open gym area and a comfortable lounge area are a matter of course for us.


In the summer we are using our outdoor area to train in the sun. Ample parking is right outside the door. At 50 ° Nord you will find every imaginable equipment that makes you fit, strong and sexy!

Our promise: Maximum results within a short time!


You are ready to work on your goals - There is no frills! What you see is what you get!


In our classes you train movements and functional muscle groups. Our goal is to make a holistic athlete out of you. Power, speed, agility, endurance and charisma!


At 50 ° Nord CrossFit, one hour of training means one hour of intense exercise. This is effective and you can achieve more in less time.

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