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20.03.2020 Workout of the Day


1 round for quality:

20m bear crawl

20 Single Unders

20m Duck walk

20 Stepping Single Unders (10 each side)

20m Crab walk

20 Backward Jumps

20m Spiderman Crawl

20 Double Unders

Mobility / Movement Prep:

2 Min Foam Roll Upper Back - Arms Long+ Arms across

2 Min Couch Stretch

2 Min Calve Foam Roll


"GOLO  Go Long ;-) "

32 min EMOM: 

Min 1: 15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (KB/DB or Bumper Plate) + Max Air Squat

Min 2: 100m Shuttle run / 0:30 Stationary Run + Max KB / DB Russian swings

Min 3: 30-50 DU / DU Attempts / Singles / Jumping Double Taps

Min 4: REST

Roadrunner Club

8 minutes run @50% speed

1 minute rest

3x 3minutes run @ 80% speed; rest 90 sec in between sets

1 minute rest

10minutes run 50% speed

Running Speed:

50% speed: you can talk with your partner or whistle a song. Nose breathing.

70 -80% speed: you can talk, but with a heavy breath, and with breaks between your words. Heavy nose breathing into mouth breathing.

100% speed: You are not able to talk. Breathing just through your mouth.

Post WOD Cool Down

Watch the video below 😉

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