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27.03. Workout of the Day

Aktualisiert: 27. März 2020

WarmUp 400m Odd object carry or 4 Min. odd object carry

For example: medball, TV, parrot, kettlebell, washing machine, laundry basket, mixer....

You get the idea... 😉 then

3 Rounds 12 Russian KB/DB Swings 12 Backward Lunges 12 Jumping Jacks Mobility 10 Jefferson Curls 10 Samson Stretch 10 Passthroughs 5 Inchworm + Push Up 60 Sec Ankle Stretch

Strength Cycle: Push Ups

Choose a number of pushups or kneeling pushups you are comfortable with

(rookie 1 to 5 / advanced athlete 5 to 10).

After eachset of pushups, you get 10 seconds of rest.

Add 1 push up after each set, and add 10 sec of rest after each set.

Please note the number you start with, for next weeks cycle. 

Choose a higher beginning number than last week.

For example:

5 strict PushUps / kneeling pushups 10 Sec. rest 6 Push Ups 20 Sec. rest 7 PushUps 30 Sec. rest  8 PushUps And so on… WOD "Lieber Becks" 9' AMRAP

3-6-9-12-15... and so on...

Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Swings (prefably heavy, and american swings if you have the option) Alternating Pistols / Alternating Backward Lunges Cool Down

2 Min each

Pigeon Hold Couch Stretch Tricep (Elbow) Roadrunner

8 minutes run 50% speed

4x 4minutes run 70-80% speed;

1 minute rest between

8minutes 50% speed

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