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28.03. Workout of the Day


For Quality Do a 7 Minute Amrap for the Quality of each movement-

start with a light weight and then climb.

Speed up a bit towards the end to break a sweat. 7 Double Tap Jumps into DU/Singles 7 Air Squats - 7 Situps 7 Alternating DB/KB Snatch 7 Down Ups 7 Reverse Situps 7 Renegade row 7 Russian Twist 7 DB Power Clean 7 V-Ups If you are feeling insecure with any movement spend a couple of minutes mastering the movement. Mobility 40-60 sec Hang from the bar /Table 10-20 Wrist flow  10 PVC/Broomstick Shoulder opener 10 Birddog + Hold 2 Sec. 10 Cossack Squat and hold / stretch 2-3 Sec

WOD "Lemon Run"

Scale as needed. E3MOM Run 200m or 60 Sec Stationary Jog 100 DU 90 DB/KB Squats / Air Squats 80 Situps 70 Alternating DB/KB Hang Snatch 60 Down Ups 50 Reverse Situps 40 DB/KB Renegade Rows / Bodyweight Remegade Rows 30 DB/KB Russian Twist / No weight Russian twist 20 DB Power Clean (both heads touch the floor) / reduce weight 10 V-Ups

Cool Down

Walk 600m,

then straddle stretch for 2 Min against the wall,

place your arms over your head and breath deep.

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