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Workout of the Day 02.05.

WarmUp Jog 600m and perform about 10 Reps of each Movement for quality. Mobility :

50 Grad CrossFits own Mobility Flow- Thanks Sebastian und Dennis!




(Please be aware of Social Distancing) Choose your own poison today... perform this WOD in any way you feel like it.

If you just have one buddy then perform 1184 Reps, and if you are alone then go for 592. Beginners please Cap this WOD at 20 Minutes. RX+ can also perform 1776 Reps with 2 Peeps. Only 1 Person works at a time. Perform at least 30 Reps of each Movement (there are 12 movements overall). Kettlebell Russian Swings BoxJumps / Tuck Jumps / Step Ups Pistols/ Goblet Squats / Air Squats Pushups/ Kneeling Pushups Burpees Pull-ups/ DB Renegade Row / Table Pull Ups / Ring Row RussianTwist SumoDeadlift High Pull DoubleUnders or Jumping Air Squats MedballSquat Clean and Thruster (Cluster) MedBall Slams  (AHAP) DB / KB Push Press /Bumper Plate S2OH / S2OH

Road Runner

10x 200m as fast as possible between 1 Minute Plank Hol

Cool Down


600m + perform 3 - 4 Static Stretches of the used muscles today.

Stretch about 30 to 40 Sec on each side:

Butterfly Hold

Wall Straddle

Hip flexor Hold

Spiderman lunge Hold

Squat Strech / Hold

Pigeon Hold

Couch Hold

Knee Hug Hold

Lying hamstring Hold

Ankle Stretch/Hold

Wrist Stretch/Hold

Wall Pec Stretch / Hold

Door frame Stretch / Hold

Underarm Stretch / Hold

Apley Stretch /Hold

McKenzie Stretch / Hold

Back Rack Stretch / Hold

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