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Workout of the Day 09.05.

Aktualisiert: 9. Mai 2020

Wir freuen uns wahnsinnig darauf, euch alle in der kommenden Woche wieder zutreffen.

Damit wir am Montag auch direkt loslegen können, bitten wir euch, das verliehene Equip wieder zur Box zu bringen.

Die Möglichkeit dazu habt ihr:

Samstag, 09.05. 09:30-11:00

Sonntag, 10.05. 10:00-11:30 Uhr

See you @ 50° Nord!


Do a 7 Minute Amrap for the Quality of each movement- start with a light weight and then climb. Speed up a bit towards the end to break a sweat. 7 Double Tap Jumps into DU/Singles 7 Air Squats - 7 Situps 7 Alternating DB/KB Snatch 7 Down Ups 7 Reverse Situps 7 Renegade row 7 Russian Twist 7 DB Power Clean 7 V-Ups If you are feeling insecure with any movement spend a couple of minutes mastering the movement. Mobility 40-60 sec Hang from the bar /Table 10-20 Wrist flow  10 PVC/Broomstick Shoulder opener 10 Birddog + Hold 2 Sec. 10 Cossack Squat and hold / stretch 2-3 Sec


Retest WOD from 28.03.

Compare your time to see what improvement was achieved. "Lemon Run" E3MOM Run 200m or 60 Sec Stationary Jog 100 DU 90 DB/KB Squats / Air Squats 80 Situps 70 Alternating DB/KB Hang Snatch 60 Down Ups 50 Reverse Situps 40 DB/KB Renegade Rows / Bodyweight Remegade Rows 30 DB/KB Russian Twist / No weight Russian twist 20 DB Power Clean (both heads touch the floor) / reduce weight 10 V-Ups Scale as needed.


45' Run @50% speed

Cool Down

Walk 600m, then straddle stretch for 2 Min against the wall, place your arms over your head and breath deep.

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