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Workout of the Day 18.04.

50° Ultras!

Wir nähern uns dem Ende unserer Smash Week! Nun heißt es nochmal auf die Zähne beißen und das Programm bis zum Schluss durchziehen!

Wenn ihr könnt, geht raus und genießt die Sonne!



If you need a Idea for an Alternative movement or weight please let us know.

We are very creative 😉 WarmUp

7' For Quality

200m Run 5 Medball Squat Clean 10 Light Wallball Thruster 5 Push Ups 10 Double Under / 20 Sec Attempt Mobility 40-60 sec Hang from the bar /Table 10-20 Wrist flow  10 PVC/Broomstick Shoulder opener 10 Birddog + Hold 2 Sec. 10 Cossack Squat and hold / stretch 2-3 Sec


"Suns' out, guns out!"*

For Time

(35' TC; Rookies perform 50% of the movements with a 25' TC)

400m run 120 Double-Unders / 3 Min ME DU Attempts / 240 Singles 400m run 100 Air Squats

400m run 80 Abmat Sit-Ups / Situps 400m run 60 American KB Swings @24/16kg (or use a DB or GTOH Bumper Plate) 400m run 40 Deficit Pushups (DB/Bumper Plate) / Push ups /kneeling Pushups 400m run 20 Burpee Deadlifts   - 2 DBS / KBS/ Whatever works 400m run

10 Bicep Curl *post a picture of your 🔫in the ☀

😎 Roadrunner

7krun @50% speed (trail run if you have the opportunity)   Running Speed: 50% speed: you can talk with your partner or whistle a song 80% speed: you can't talk with your partner 100% speed: as fast as possible

Cool Down


600m + perform 3 - 4 Static Stretches of the used muscles today.

Stretch about 30 to 40 Sec on each side:

Butterfly Hold

Wall Straddle

Hip flexor Hold

Spiderman lunge Hold

Squat Strech / Hold

Pigeon Hold

Couch Hold

Knee Hug Hold

Lying hamstring Hold

Ankle Stretch/Hold

Wrist Stretch/Hold

Wall Pec Stretch / Hold

Door frame Stretch / Hold

Underarm Stretch / Hold

Apley Stretch /Hold

McKenzie Stretch / Hold

Back Rack Stretch / Hold

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