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Workout of the Day 28.04.

WarmUp / Mobility

3 Rounds for Quality

20m Forward bear crawl  5 Burpees  20 Double Unders / Double Under Attempts 10 Prisoner Kang Squats 20m Duck Walks 100m Run

Take 10 Minutes to practise the movements and get adjusted to your selected weight.

Devils Press suggestion 22,5/15kg.

Hardcore guys and gals take 2 DB/KB / Whatever.

Have fun 😉 Workout

"Death by the Devil" Buy in:

5x E4MOM 20 X 10m Shuttle Sprint 100 DU / 100 Single unders *90 sec time cap on DU Attempts Rest 4 Min then: Death by - EMOM Until Failure

1 Devils Press (add 1 Devils Press to each Round) 10 Air Squats Road Runner Interval Training

6x 5 Minutes Run @80 % Speed 2 Minutes Rest between rounds

Cool Down


600m + perform 3 - 4 Static Stretches of the used muscles today.

Stretch about 30 to 40 Sec on each side:

Butterfly Hold

Wall Straddle

Hip flexor Hold

Spiderman lunge Hold

Squat Strech / Hold

Pigeon Hold

Couch Hold

Knee Hug Hold

Lying hamstring Hold

Ankle Stretch/Hold

Wrist Stretch/Hold

Wall Pec Stretch / Hold

Door frame Stretch / Hold

Underarm Stretch / Hold

Apley Stretch /Hold

McKenzie Stretch / Hold

Back Rack Stretch / Hold

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